Annual Support Campaign

Throughout Middlesex County, many people have heard of the Y of Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge and South Amboy. But do they really know what we’re all about?

From preschool and personal training to adult enrichment and volunteerism, we’re more than just a place — we’re a cause. We strive to meet everyone’s health and wellness needs, not only to strengthen bodies, but also to strengthen our community.

One way to help support our cause is through our Annual Support Campaign. Y donors pledge generous gifts to keep our programs running smoothly and support members in need. This campaign helps guarantee that everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, can benefit from the Y’s programs. Together, we can make a better us. 



The YMCA of Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge &South Amboy is challenging our campaigners to ask 20 new donors to join in the 2017 Annual Support Campaign by pledging to sponsor one family membership. The pledge amount is $816.00.

What would a family membership provide?
A YMCA family membership provides unlimited access to our wellness centers, swimming pools and family events. Many families in our service areas have no access to recreation or entertainment. By sponsoring a YMCA family membership you are giving an opportunity for families to spend time in a healthy, safe environment. People who live in crowded or small living quarters can come to the Y to play ping pong, basketball, join a book club, have a weekend afternoon swim. Things we often take for granted.

How can I, as a campaigner, support this challenge?
Take time to think about your contacts– who has not yet joined you in supporting the YMCA Annual Campaign? This challenge is an excellent way to introduce donors to the cause of the YMCA. Your conversation can draw them into the promise of the YMCA– to make our communities stronger. Healthy families provide a stable base to our citizens of tomorrow.

How can my donor be part of this challenge?
A pledge of $816.00 can be paid in one payment or spread as 9 payments (April to December, 2017) of $91.00. As part of this challenge we are planning an event to bring the donors and families together to celebrate how we are creating “A better us.” Your donors can use any campaign brochure. Donors will receive special “20 for 20 Challenge” recognition.

The YMCA of Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge & South Amboy is a non-profit organization.
Support the Y and make a gift today.

Support a Child Learn How to Swim

The Y has launched a digital campaign highlighting the importance of swim safety. We are encouraging donations to support swim lessons for children across our community. Since swimming is a critical skill for people of all ages, this is very important to our YMCA.

We start beginners swimming lessons at six months old all the way past adulthood. To keep swimming skills up-to-date, we also offer many other aquatic programs. Visit our programs tab to learn more about our offerings.

To support a child (or even an adult) learn how to swim, you can make a gift at