YMCA of Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge and South Amboy


Edison Branch Y



GARY NEWMAN  Home Town: Metuchen, NJ  Years Experience: 10-15

Specialty Certifications and Achievements:  A.C.E, FiTour and CPR/AED certified

As a personal trainer, my life revolves around making my clients healthier and happier.  What motivates me every day as a trainer are people that seek out the knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle.  In my client sessions we are constantly changing up the workouts and challenging the body.  Sessions include instruction in strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility along with functional movement and stability.  I am here to assist/instruct my clients and make their gym experience positive, active and worthwhile. 


VALERIA TENREIRO  Home Town: Caracas, Venezuela  Years Experience: 4-5

Specialty Certifications and Achievements:  AAAI Personal Trainer,  CPR/AED/First Aid certified, AAAI Mat Pilates, AAAI Indoor Cycling, Zumba

I help members by making fitness a regular part of their daily life. I believe fitness is a way of achieving better health, releasing stress and having fun at the same time.

I chose a career in fitness because I believe taking care of your body is taking care of your soul.


HARDIK PANDYA  Home Town: Edison, NJ  Years Experience: 10

Specialty Certifications and Achievements:  C.S.C.S., CPR/AED/First Aid  certified   

Being in this profession for 10 years I understand that people have different goals and needs. I can design a high-level fitness program and also provide nutritional conditioning where the emphasis will be on body conditioning, food intake and/or weight management.   As a rehab coach I can help restructure the biomechanics of the body and design a program where the primary focus will be on efficiency and ease of movement as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation.  As a strength coach I can help an individual to construct a sport specific program, where the athlete will encounter neuromuscular re-education, strength/conditioning, speed and agility.


RICKY DWORZANSKI   Home Town: Bayonne, NJ  Years Experience: 2

Specialty Certifications and Achievements:  CPR/AED certified,  W.I.T.S. – World Instructor Training Schools certified          

I like to keep my clients guessing on what we will do next.  This helps keep the mind active from constantly repeating the same routine.  I have realized the correlation between a good sense of balance and a stronger core and so I like to incorporate exercises that will constantly test my clients.  I believe that one’s mind can give out before one’s body does, meaning most people stop performing an exercise at a predetermined amount of reps.  I use a “toothpaste” analogy in exercise where every little bit left counts and motivate my clients to get more reps in where they normally would not.  The road to achieving goals begins with the will to succeed!   

REVATHI BUDHI (REVA)  Home Town:  Chennai, India   Years Experience: 3-5

Specialty Certifications and Achievements:  ISSA – Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Training, CPR/AED/ First Aid certified                       

Motivation is one of the hardest landmines to conquer when trying to stick to a fitness plan. As different people are motivated by different things, I love to use a variety of motivational techniques that will help each individual fulfill their fitness goals. At the very essence of personal fitness, I would strongly be at your side on every step of the way to make sure that you are getting the very best out of all of your training sessions, resulting in achieving your fitness goals.