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Floorball (Ages 18+)
Floorball is one of the most popular sports for physical recreation in northern Europe and southeast Asia. The International Floorball Federation has more than 60 member countries and the sport will most likely become an Olympic game in 2020.

Floorball is a friendly game with few injuries and ideal for physical education classes, after school programs, or just for fun and recreation with friends and colleagues. The rules are simple, the game is adaptable and can easily be modified to fit the size and skill level of a given group. Floorball is great for exercise and helps build teamwork. 
  • Floorball (Ages 18+)

Adult Ping Pong Club
  • Adult Ping Pong Club (Ages 18+)

    Enjoy open play in MPR 1.  

    Wednesdays 7:00pm-9:00pm

    Free for Full Facility Members.