Youth Sports Instructor-Basketball


Under the supervision & guidance of the Director, the Youth Sports Instructor is responsible for the guidance and safety of the children in the Youth Sports Program and specifically those on his/her assigned team or group. Youth Sports Instructors are responsible for being a mentor for each child and implementing values based on team concepts, honesty, caring, respect, responsibility and ensuring that each participant has the opportunity and encouragement to reach their fullest potential.

HOURS: Part Time
RATE    : $15-$17


1. Ensure all health and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to.

2. Provide leadership, mentoring and instruction for youth participants while emulating and embracing the four core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

3. Ensure each participant has a positive experience and are encouraged to reach their fullest personal potential.

4. Act as a desirable role model for players and participants.

5. Have knowledge of emergency procedures and the ability to implement them when necessary.

6. Must report all accidents/incidents as soon as possible to immediate supervisor and fill out accident/incident report and submit to supervisor as soon as possible.

7. Maintain positive relationship with parents in a manner that reflects a “Family Friendly” YMCA.

8. Be aware of where all players are during practices and games.

9. Check equipment, site and area of play for safety hazards before game, ensuring all participants have a safe environment to participate in.

10. Report any equipment malfunctions, or damage to director.

11. Demonstrate respect for officials.

12. Compliment players at all times. No yelling from the sidelines. Keep atmosphere of game non-competitive and positive.

13. Correct player’s mistakes in a quiet manner, exhibiting an encouraging tone.

14. Set example in sportsmanship for team players and spectators to follow.

15. Attend mandatory YMCA training sessions and staff meetings.

16. Communicate any concerns regarding program, equipment, facility, etc. to supervisor immediately.

17. Accurately reflect time worked utilizing the time-recording system assigned by department and/or branch.



· Minimum of 18 years of age.

· CPR and First Aid certified.

· Experienced in instructing in a youth recreational setting in a variety of sporting activities.

· Instructors should display a willingness to assist children develop a positive attitude about fair play and teamwork.

· Must have excellent communication skills, decision making skills, and the ability to be a strong role model.

· Enthusiastic, positive and engaging.

· A comprehensive understanding of YMCA policies, building operations as they apply to the areas being used.



Normal amounts of walking, standing, sitting, running, jumping, lifting, pushing, pulling, speaking, reading, and writing found in a sports program environment.


PDF and Word document files only.