This is a season of giving thanks, of expressing gratitude for the gifts we have received. At the YMCA of Metuchen, Edison Woodbridge & South Amboy we celebrate gratitude each day. Our buildings and programs are only possible because of the generosity of our donors. In 2018 this Y was able to provide over $670,000 in scholarships and financial assistance to our neighbors in need; those who could not afford the full cost of a Y membership, child care, camp or a program.

As we reflect on the past year the YMCA community has much to be grateful for—for the generosity of others, for a life balanced in spirit, mind and body; for newly-formed friendships and for connected families. When we are truly grateful, truly thankful, it is natural and easy to give to others. And in giving, we receive more.

The YMCA of MEWSA says Thanks for Giving …

  • THANKS-FOR-GIVING to an 8 year old girl who now has a safe place to be in a YMCA afterschool program instead of going home to an empty house;
  • THANKS-FOR-GIVING to a cancer survivor who joined the LiveSTRONG exercise program and is now stronger and more confident;
  • THANKS-FOR-GIVING to a veteran who is re-engaging with their family through a YMCA membership;
  • THANKS-FOR-GIVING three siblings, placed in separate foster homes, a place to be together at YMCA Day Camp;
  • THANKS-FOR-GIVING a recently widowed man the chance to swim with new YMCA friends each day.

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