Enjoy activities for the entire family!!  Each Daily Tip Sheet Includes:
  • Family Huddles with games and activities that can be completed together
  • Healthy Spirit, Mind and Body Activities with active challenges, mindful minutes, and more
  • A More Activity, More Fun Section that includes bonus activities, challenges and family fun
  • Homework Helpers with academic resources for caregivers and students
Daily Tips Day 1
Spelling Bee Game, Sidewalk Chalk Balance, Mindful Minute, Jumbo Tic-Tac-Toe, Scholastic Learn at Home

Daily Tips Day 2
Become a Newscaster!, Family Obstacle Course Fun, Indoor Dribbling All Stars, STEM Gems

Daily Tips Day 3
Activity Cards, Flex Your Brain!, Spirit Week, Math is Fun!

Daily Tips Day 4

Keeping it Simple, Fitness Egg Hunt!, Freeze Dance, Type Away

Daily Tips Day 5
Whistles, Fanny Packs, Tubes, Oh My!, Supporting Our Emotional Health, Write to Connect, Read Theory

Daily Tips Day 6
Practice Gratitude, Family Olympics, Educational...Snakes?!, Read, Draw, Create Community

Daily Tips Day 7
Junk Robot, The YMCA Triangle, Family Fitness, Creativity Catapult

Daily Tips Day 8

Breathing and Meditation, Indoor Parade, Nature Walk Bracelet, Latin Root Word Tree

Daily Tips Day 9
Supporting Kids and Teens, Make Your Own Slime!, Move Through Yoga, Encourage Reading

Daily Tips Day 10
Dinner Conversation, Carnival Samba Hat, Chickpea Cookie Dough Truffles, NASA Kid's Club

Daily Tips Day 11
Tour the World, Indoor Mini Golf Course, Rainbow Food Game, Storyline Online

Daily Tips Day 12
Laughing Makes Everything Better, Camp Songs, Skills and Drills, Math Challenges

Daily Tips Day 13
Mindfulness, Builders and Bulldozers, Follow the Leader...Around the World, Problem-Solving Skills

Daily Tips Day 14
Outdoor Picnic, Draw a Llama, Superhero Skills, Scratch Computer Programming

Daily Tips Day 15
Supporting Teens, Lunch Doodle, Build an Alligator, Census Activities

Daily Tips Day 16
Share Memories, Paper Football, The Alphabet Game, Science Fun

Daily Tips Day 17
Answering Hard Questions, Indoor Scavenger Hunt, Practice Soccer Skills, PBS Kids

Daily Tips Day 18
Health Care Heroes, Coffee Filter Butterflies, Nutrition, Food & Mental Well-Being, Homeschooling Advice from a Pro

Daily Tips Day 19
Parenting in Uncertain Times, Make Milk Dance, 12 Bursts, Khan Academy

Daily Tips Day 20
Craft Supply Swap, Secret Maze Game, Baked Apple Oatmeal Bars, Round Robin Story Time

Daily Tips Day 21
Parent Self-Care, Spring Bottle Painting, Rainbow Pasta, Spanish Children's Stories

Daily Tips Day 22
Parenting Tips, Story Time Fun, Drumsticks Exercise, Beach Ball Math

Daily Tips Day 23
Color the Neighborhood, Martial Arts, Indoor Obstacle Course, Understood.org

Daily Tips Day 24
Let's Go to the Zoo, Homemade Finger Paints, Kid Fit, Pearson

Daily Tips Day 25
Straw Airplanes, Shadow Fun, Being Active While Social Distancing, Civic and Current Events with PBS Newsroom

Daily Tips Day 26
Help with Sleep, Activity Jar, Virtual Gym Class, Story Time from Space

Daily Tips Day 27
Feed the Birds, Sidewalk Chalk, Recipes for a Budget, Museum Activities

Daily Tips Day 28
Supporting Kid's Health, Hatch Dinosaur Eggs, Extreme Hopscotch, National Geographic for Kids