Adult - Art

Get your creative juices flowing!  Enjoy learning new skills, socializing, and creating fun masterpieces.

Metuchen YMCA

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Art Classes (Ages 18+ years)
  • Art with Kim - Painting (Ages 18+ years)

    Painting, multi-media, printmaking and expression! Take a break from reality in this fun, yet relaxing environment. Learn new techniques with hands-on demonstrations in our encouraging, supportive art class as we experiment with pain, glue and print-making. Local teaching artist, author and illustrator Kim Adlerman will guide you in creating multiple pieces of artwork that you will be proud to hang in your home! All levels welcome, however focus, attention and self sufficiency are a must for this fast paced, fun and productive class! ( Note; We will be using sharp instruments for certain projects)
     Extra Supply Fee $20 due on the first day to Kim.

  • Art with Kim - Holiday Class (Ages 18+ years)

    Design and print your own holiday cards, gift tags and hand made gifts!!! Extra Supply Fee $20 due on the first day to Kim.

Edison YMCA

South Amboy YMCA

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Poetry (18+ Years)
Do you love to write poems?  Want to write poems but are never sure where to start?  Either way, this class is for you.  We'll read poems, get inspired by what makes them work, write our own poems, and finally share what we've written and give each other useful, encouraging feedback.  This class is designed to give you a ton of ideas and starting points for getting into poetry.
  • Poetry (18+ Years)

Theatre Arts (18+ Years)
Are you creative and looking to channel your inner actor/actress?  Participants will learn all there is to know about theatre arts through play reading and acting sessions.
  • Theatre Arts (18++ Years)