Adult - Enrichment Classes

Our Y enrichment classes are a terrific way to explore your special interests, develop new talents, and have fun!  

Metuchen YMCA

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Meditation At The YMCA (Ages 18+ years)
Meditation is defined as mental stillness. This mental stillness is created by bringing the body, mind and senses into balance, calming the central nervous system. Through breath work and guided meditation, we will learn how to achieve stillness.
Member price;$80 for 8-week session 
Non-member price; $100 for 8 week session
One class drop-in price: $13
  • Meditation

    Contact: Robin Guensch, Adult Program Coordinator 732.548.244 
Book Club (Ages 18+ years)
Book Club meets every last Wednesday of each month.
Karate (Ages 13-Adult)
  • Karate (Ages 13+ -Adult )

Edison YMCA

South Amboy YMCA

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Eating Healthy Cooking Class (Ages 18+)
Adults will learn how to handle food safely as well as learn to make fun and easy recipes that are healthy.  You will also learn how to create food for a healthier lifestyle.  The class will be led by a certified Chef who will make being in the kitchen and cooking exciting.
  • Eating Healthy Cooking Class

Living Healthy Cooking Class (Ages 18+)
Living on a fixed income can be a little stressful when you're also trying to eat healthy.  This class will teach you how to stretch ingredients and still be able to eat delicious tasting food.
  • Living Healthy Cooking Class (Ages 18+)

Theatre Arts (18+ Years)
Are you creative and looking to channel your inner actor/actress?  Participants will learn all there is to know about theatre arts through play reading and acting sessions.
  • Theatre Arts (18++ Years)

Poetry (18+ Years)
Do you love to write poems?  Want to write poems but are never sure where to start?  Either way, this class is for you.  We'll read poems, get inspired by what makes them work, write our own poems, and finally share what we've written and give each other useful, encouraging feedback.  This class is designed to give you a ton of ideas and starting points for getting into poetry.
  • Poetry (18+ Years)

Salsa (18+ Years)
Get your dancing shoes ready...because it's salsa time!  Participants will learn the basics of salsa dancing and movement!
  • Salsa (18+ Years(

3 On 3 Basketball (18+ Years)
Participants will learn how to work together on a team while enjoying the sport of basketball in a small group setting.
  • 3 On 3 Basketball (18+ Years)

Archery (18+ Years)
Using our equipment, the instructor will guide beginners of all ages to develop skills from range safety to accuracy through fun and interactive archery exercises.
  • Archery (18+ Years)

Pickleball (18+ Years)
A paddle sport (similar to a racquet sport) that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis.  Two, three, or four players use solid paddles make of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a wiffle ball, over a net.  The Y will supply equipment but participants are welcome to bring their own equipment.  Program is held in the gym.
  • Pickleball (18+ Years)