My passion for fitness started in middle school when I began wrestling and it has only grown since then.  I now have ten years of wrestling, eight years of weightlifting and three years of boxing experience, but don't worry, I won't beat you up!  Instead, I want to help you cultivate a love and passion for fitness so that you can implement it into your daily routine.  I want to help make you feel healthier and happier!

Before I was even certified, I was training my friends and that showed me how much sharing my knowledge can leave a positive impact on someone else's life.  The secret is hard work and working out the right way.  I can help guide you so that your workouts are personalized to your goals and that they are done effectively, efficiently and safely.  As someone who is finishing up their exercise science degree and pursuing a doctorate degree in physical therapy, please allow me to share my knowledge in areas such as rehabilitative exercise, functional movement and strength and conditioning so that I can have a positve impact on your life as well.