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Enrich your child's experiences with the sound of music.  Learning an instrument brings out the creative self in an enjoyable way.  Music stimulates life-long learning.  It's been shown that musical training helps develop language and reasoning skills, math and pattern recognition abilities, comprehension, and problem solving techniques.  Your child will flourish with new ways of self expression, imagination, intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, discipline, and self-confidence!

Edison YMCA

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Private Music Lessons
  • Private Music Lessons

    Programs are designed to specifically reach your individual goals while receiving personal attention.  The instructor will work with you one-on-one to obtain those goals. Lessons will also include learning how to read music so you can practice on your own. 

    We offer lessons in:

    •  Flute
    •  Clarinet
    •  Violin
    •  Guitar
    •  Piano

    *Piano will be supplied by the YMCA.  All other instruments must be provided by participant. 

    For more information contact eric.meshirer@ymcaofmewsa.org