Leader's Club

Our Leader's Club develops youth as leaders and fosters a culture of service. Open to teens in 7th-12th Grade, Leader's Club members will gain knowledge and training that will help them to better serve others and to shape a healthy lifestyle themselves. Teens will also learn valuable skills that will help them in the classroom, community and career. Members will develop improved leadership skills and self-esteem, changes in behavior and attitudes towards volunteerism and service to others, broadened life experiences in preparation for post-high school endeavors, improved commitment to education and ways to access resources to ensure academic success and building trusting relationships with others.

If there are any questions or concerns about obtaining a YMCA membership, a club adviser can go through the process and explain different membership options.

To find out more information on the Leader's Club, please contact your local YMCA branch:

Please Contact
Gabriella St.Fleur 
743-548-2044, Ext. 2255
  • Leaders Club

    Official Kick-Off, October 14th 

Please contact
Eric Meshirer
732-494-3232, Ext. 3505
South Amboy
Please contact:
Joe Cohen
732-553-9622 Ext: 4209