Youth - Art

YMCA art classes encourage self-expression and critical thinking while developing your child's imagination and building their self-esteem.  Exposure to the arts creates a better understanding of the various cultures and backgrounds that make up our community and helps foster uplifting relationships.  

Metuchen YMCA

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Art Classes (Ages 5-12 years)
Art classes help youth to build confidence and learn to express themselves! Our mixed-media classes will allow children to work with different mediums such as paint, clay, chalk, mosaics and more. Materials will vary week by week, based on various projects and themes.
  • Paint and Play (Ages 5-7)

  • Creative Hands (Ages 8-10)

Art Classes (Ages 18+ years)
  • Art with Kim - Painting (Ages 18+ years)

    Painting, multi-media, printmaking and expression! Take a break from reality in this fun, yet relaxing environment. Learn new techniques with hands-on demonstrations in our encouraging, supportive art class as we experiment with pain, glue and print-making. Local teaching artist, author and illustrator Kim Adlerman will guide you in creating multiple pieces of artwork that you will be proud to hang in your home! All levels welcome, however focus, attention and self sufficiency are a must for this fast paced, fun and productive class! ( Note; We will be using sharp instruments for certain projects)
     Extra Supply Fee $20 due on the first day to Kim.

  • Art with Kim - Holiday Class (Ages 18+ years)

    Design and print your own holiday cards, gift tags and hand made gifts!!! Extra Supply Fee $20 due on the first day to Kim.

Edison YMCA

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Art Classes (Ages 5-10 years)
  • Art (Ages 5+ years)

    Our most popular art class for young artists who want to learn about drawing, painting techniques, and art history. Busy artists will create new masterpieces every week while enjoying the creative and relaxed atmosphere of the 45 minute class. All supplies needed for the class are provided. Students will be grouped by age and experience.

South Amboy YMCA

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Exploration Station (Ages 1-5)
Art stations, finger paintings, paper crafts, stamps, play dough, songs, bubbles, and much more.
  • Exploration Station (Ages 2-4 years)

  • Exploration Station (Ages 3-5)

Art Beyond The Crayons (Ages 5-12)
Work with an art instructor to explore fine arts through a variety of mediums from watercolors to clay.
  • Art Beyond The Crayons (Ages 5-8)

  • Art Beyond The Crayons (Ages 10-14)