Youth - Dance

Our dance classes are an excellent and fun way for your child to develop their creativity and physical capabilities.  Through the movement they learn in our dance classes they will learn about their bodies, improve their posture, balance and flexibility. Your child will experience other cultures through each dance style and meeting other children.  In mastering these new skills your child will also improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Metuchen YMCA

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Ballet (Ages 4-12 years)

Looking for conservator –style ballet training for your  young dancer? We offer unique early dance training  that combines an academic approach with joy of movements. Instructor , Elizabeth West, has danced professionally for 15 years with Ballet Oklahoma, Oregon Ballet Theatre, the St.Louis Ballet and Terra Firma Dance Theatre. Ms.West captures the attention of our youngest students with imaginative concepts and personal attention.

  • Ballet I (Ages 4-7)

    Our littlest dancers learn ballet basics through imaginative concepts. This class focuses on attention span, coordination and movements that move forward, backward, up and down. The class develops basic pattern recognition, counting skills and organized thinking. Ms. West's dynamic teaching style provides fun and includes free-style movement.


  • Ballet Level II (Ages 5-7)

    This class focuses on refining and combining movements introduced in Level 1 and incorporating more arm positions, additional two-footed jumps and mastering simple turn concepts. Faster musical tempos challenge dancers to be more aware of counting and organizing thoughts efficiently in a calm body.


  • Ballet Level III (Ages 7-13)

    Level 3

    Twice weekly classes now incorporate all 5 ballet positions, one- and two-footed jumps and coordinated arm movements. Students master and identify important ballet conventions, and Ms. West encourages independent thinking skills and confidence. Class now begins with barre work and continues to center floor exercises and traveling jumps and turns across the floor.

  • Ballet Level IV (Ages 7-13)

    Level 4

    Students begin more intensive ballet study, with increasing complexity. The twice weekly class incorporates more jumping, turning and dynamic movement and focuses on strength. Teen beginning/intermediate students are welcome to join this class.

  • Ballet Level V (ages 8-14)

    This class was structured and created for our most experienced ballet dancers. Dancers will perfect their technique and continue learning advanced  ballet vocabulary. Class meets twice a week. Admission by Audition or by permission of lead instructor.

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Edison YMCA

South Amboy YMCA

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Gymnastics Tumbling & Cheer (Ages 5-12)
From somersaults to handstands, cartwheels, back-springs and across the balance beam, children will learn the basics of gymnastics. 
  • Gymnastics Tumbling & Cheer (Ages 5 -8)