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December 01, 2016

Mad Science Comes To South Amboy

The South Amboy YMCA has added a new Enrichment class to their roster:  Mad Science!  The workshops teach kids how fun science can be and helps spark their imaginations. With professional science-based lesson plans, unique equipment and lively instructors, Mad Science offers workshops for elementary school children on Thursdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm during the Fall II session.  Here is a sampling of a few of the workshops that have been presented at the South Amboy Y:

 EARTHWORKS — Take a voyage to the center of the Earth! We'll investigate the powerful process that shapes our planet and forms remarkable rocks, magnificent minerals, and glittering gems! Children will take home Ultraviolet Detectors which they build themselves.

 MAD SCIENCE MACHINES — Peek into a class to watch elementary-age engineers hard at work with pulleys and levers. They will design, problem-solve, and have a whole lot of fun! Students will even take home a cool Mad Science Machine that they build themselves.

 MOVIE EFFECTS - Grab your popcorn but don't sit back...we're going to learn first hand how advances in science and technology make our favorite special effects possible!  Children will take home a Cartoon Creator that they've made themselves!  It's Einstein meets Spielberg in a class of 3...2...1...action!

RADICAL ROBOTS—Who isn’t fascinated by the wonderful world of robotics! Throughout this course, children will get the opportunity to act out a robot, remote control device, and an automaton. In addition, students will learn how to use the element of sound to control an automaton, make a robot score a goal in an exciting game of soccer, and attempt to move a robot through a challenging maze!

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