About Y Swim

If you love swimming, the Y is the place to be! From swim lessons to water safety and water exercise, the Y has tons of ways for you and your loved ones to get fit and enjoy this low-impact exercise! Our Aquatic Center features three heated pools for all generations of swimmers to come and enjoy! Locker rooms are provided for men, women, boys (under 18), girls (under 18), and a Family Locker Room.

Swim Lessons


Swim lessons encourage students to develop the confidence and skills they need to be prepared in and around the aquatic environment. Our comprehensive six (6) stage program includes lessons on swimming skills, stroke technique, and water safety in a friendly and encouraging environment. Swimming skills are progressive, so it’s important to pick the right level for your student.  Please view at our Lesson Selector to choose the best class for your students abilities.  Any additional question or concerns please contact our Aquatic Director Kelly Molinelli
Member Registration: 12/14/22 at 9:00am     Non-member Registration: 12/21/2022 at 9:00am

Family Swim

Family Swim

3:00 - 5:00pm Exercise Pool & Activity Pool (Frog Pool) 
5:00 - 7:00pm Activity Pool (Frog Pool) ONLY
3:00 - 5:00pm Exercise Pool & Activity Pool (Frog Pool) 
5:00 - 7:00pm Activity Pool (Frog Pool) ONLY 
3:00 - 5:00pm Exercise Pool & Activity Pool (Frog Pool) 
5:00 - 7:00pm Activity Pool (Frog Pool) ONLY
3:00 - 5:00pm Exercise Pool & Activity Pool (Frog Pool)
5:00- 6:00pm Activity Pool ONLY(Frog Pool)
Saturday & Sunday
12:00 - 3:45 Exercise Pool & Activity Pool (Frog Pool) 

Pool Calendar
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All Lifeguard classes are registered through our Metuchen Branch.  When registering online, Piscataway Members will need to create a non-member profile on the Metuchen Site in order to successfully register into class.  You will not be able to register into class using your Piscataway Log-in Information.

Aqua Fitness


A slower-paced, low-impact class designed to increase flexibility and balance. Stretch and tone your way to fitness in the comforts of our warm water pool, using the principles found in yoga and traditional fitness classes. Tuesdays, 2:00-3:00pm

Y Water Fitness


Splash your way into fitness in this 1-hour water fitness class. Class will include cardiovascular and toning exercises to give you a total body workout! Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00pm



This general water fitness class will blend cardio vascular activities with toning exercises to give you a total body workout.  Get wet, get fit, and HAVE FUN!  All participants must wear proper swim attire.  No swimming ability required.  Comfort in the aquatic environment is recommended prior to participation. Wednesdays, 10:00-10:45am and Fridays, 10:00-11:00am

*Due to the popularity of this class, pre-registration will be required through our Welcome Center. Class will be limited to 28 participants and is first come first served. No space holding will be allowed. All participants must be present when signing in for class.

Aquatic Center Rules

General Swimming Rules

    • Lifeguards have final authority while in the Aquatic Center.
    • Swimming attire (bathing suits/swim trunks) is required in all of our pools. Athletic wear is not swim wear. No street clothes allowed in the pools. Click for more information on proper swim attire
    • Long hair must be tied back or a swim cap must be worn.
    • Members must rinse off before entering the pools (showers are available in the locker rooms)
    • Direct Adult Supervision is required for all swimmers under 12 years old regardless of swim level. 
    • ALL CHILDREN 6 YEARS OF AGE AND YOUNGER MUST HAVE AN ADULT IN THE WATER.  Children without an adult in the water will be denied entry to the pool.
    • Swimmers 12 and up may use the pool without an adult if they have passed the swim test with a green band.
    • During periods of high use, lifeguards will periodically perform safety checks to ensure the safety of all of our participants. All patrons will be asked the exit the pools. Lifejackets and bands will be checked.
    • All children under 15 years of age must be swim-tested and wear swim bands while in pools.  Swim test can be administered by a lifeguard during family swim.
    • Swimmers that have not passed the swim test must be accompanied by an adult in the water.

    Lap Swimming & Water Walking/Exercise

    • Lap Swim is open to swimmers 12 years old and up.
    • Swimmers ages 12-15 must pass the Green Band swim test. 
    • Lanes for lap swimming and water walking/exercise are shared spaces.
    • Lap swimming time is to be used for lap swimming and water walking/exercise. Horseplay will not be allowed during lap swimming hours.
    • Children cannot be left unattended while parent is in the pool.

    Junior Lap Swim

    • Open to swimmers 5-12 years old
    • Swimmers that have not passed the swim test must wear a lifejacket & have an adult in the water within arms reach
    • Lap Swimming only-no horseplay

    Family Swim-Exercise Pool or Activity Pool

    • Safety Checks will be performed on the 30 minute mark of each hour during Family Swim during periods of high usage.
    • During Safety Checks every swimmer must exit the family swim pools regardless of age or ability.  Lifeguards will check for bands, lifejackets and adult supervision. 
    • Swimmers can re-enter once the lifeguards re-open the pool(s).
    • Pool(s) do have State mandated capacity limits. When we reach these numbers, lifeguard staff are required to refuse entry. 
    • Children cannot be left unattended in any pool; all children must have adult supervision.
    • Please refrain from distractions, such as phone or books, while supervising children.
    • Activity Pool Only- All children under 42 inches tall must either pass a swim test with a green band or wear a life jacket.
    • Lifeguards have the final authority.


    Swim Test

    All children under 15 years of age must complete a swim test prior to using the aquatic facility.  The swim test includes:        

    • Swimming one length of the pool with face in the water, front crawl or breaststroke
    • Tread water for 1 minute
    • Climb out of pool
    • Jump into the pool and resurface
    • Float on back for 10 seconds or swim one length of backstroke

    Swim test can be performed during family swim.

    *Lifeguards determination of level will be final for that day, re-tests can be done on a different day.  No changes will be made to level on the same day.

     Click Here for Swim Test Band Descriptions

    Refund Policy

    Program Refunds and Cancellation Policy

    We understand that children like to try new classes to find the one that they love.

    Before the Monday start date of each session:

    You can cancel from the program at any time prior to the start of the program. You will receive a full refund as an account credit to be used on another program of your choice or back to the original payment method.

    After the start of the session:

    • For full pay programs: Program refunds for full pay programs are not permitted unless there are extenuating circumstances and are accompanied with proper documentation (i.e. medical). Refunds requested after the completion of a program session will not be honored.
    • For Automatic Payment Programs:  Written notice must be received at least two weeks prior to your scheduled payment due date. For refunds due to medical reasons, proper documentation will be required.
    • If the YMCA cancels a class, whenever possible we will offer members the opportunity to make up that class: If a makeup cannot be accommodated, a member may request a credit for that class.
    • Classes missed are not guaranteed a makeup or credit.  Enrolling in a program is a commitment to the day and time of that program.  If a student must miss a class, please speak with the director of that program. 
    • Membership status: If membership status is adjusted during the program enrollment, program rate will be adjusted to the new rate for the remainder of the session.

    Account Credit

    • Any account credit (program or membership) will be forfeited to the YMCA after 1 year from date account credit is applied. 
    • The forfeited credit will be transferred to a donation to the YMCA’s Annual Campaign.  A letter will be sent out to the member/participant address on file, informing the member/participant that the tax deductible donation has been made.
    Makeup Policy

    Please make your best effort to attend your regular classes, makeup classes are not guaranteed.  However, we will do our best to accommodate 1 makeup throughout the session.  Due to the high demand, missed makeup classes will not be rescheduled.  All makeups must be scheduled during this session.  Refunds will not be given for missed classes.