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Why does the Y have an annual campaign?

The Y’s financial assistance program is 100% funded by tax-deductible donations. Membership fees cover our facilities, salaries, and operations but do not fund our financial assistance programs. To make our programs and services available to all, we need the support of our members, staff, and the community in raising funds so that no one is turned away.

Why do we provide financial assistance and scholarships to those with demonstrated need?

When financial difficulties stretch individual and family budgets too thin, the need for YMCA programs remains and may even be more crucial in some instances. Last year, we provided more than 800 families with financial assistance, yet more and more turn to us for assistance as their dollar does not stretch as far as it used to, but their health is still a priority as well as the safety and care of their children.

In communities across the nation, the Y is a leading voice on health and well-being. And preventative health care can save lives.  Over the past 15 years, the Y has driven innovation in the prevention and control of chronic disease to save lives and reduce healthcare spending. Across the country, Ys are increasing opportunities and policies promoting physical activity, improving access to healthy, affordable foods and advancing environmental change that makes the healthier choice an easy choice.  Keeping your weight down, a proper exercise routine, screenings to help prevent or detect illness, mental health issues, disease, and other under-the-radar health programs are services with the intent to keep healthy people healthy. We want families to take their health into their own hands, but some families cannot afford to join the Y, putting basic needs like food and shelter first. Yet, their health is equally important. 

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